Verde Green Wall Workshop

news4 We recently spent a stimulating afternoon work-shopping Queensland’s largest green wall with Verde Design Group, In Earth Designs and VCP Developments. The 670m2 of green wall is going onto two elevations of an 80 apartment building at West End. VCP Developments loved the landscape scheme so much they named the building Verde – which is Spanish (from the Latin veridis, viridem) meaning Green.
The workshop at BE Collective’s Brisbane office covered multi-disciplne design and construction aspects, including orientation, plant stock, water demand and reuse, fertigation, drainage, waterproofing, architectural detailing, and of course structural support (including long-term creep of the walling system). The green walls will be afforded security of supply via a recycled stormwater system. For more information on the project, and some glossy images courtesy of BrisbaneDevelopment.com, click here.