Goodfellows Road

IMG_1142Project No. 6406

BE Collective were commissioned to provide structural, civil and hydraulic services for this townhouse development in Murrumba Downs.

The project was comprised of three development stages. The first was a boundary realignment, the second included the subdivision of the site into 3 lots. In addition to a new road reserve which will extend an existing roadway through the site. The final stage involved the further subdivision of the site to make a total of 5 lots.

In order to obtain DA approval from council BE Collective designed and documented the necessary engineering services to provide infrastructure to all lots. Additionally, a stormwater management report was prepared to demonstrate that post development flows will not adversely impact neighbouring properties.

Operational works documentation included; Cut & fill plans, allotment retaining, erosion and sentiment control plans and roadway, pavement and crossover design. (more…)