Oxford’s Bid to Improve Hydro-Electricity

100 HydropwrIt is said that electricity and water should never mix, but a team of researchers at Oxford seem to disagree!

The Transverse Horizontal Axis Water Turbine is a clever design conceived by Prof. Guy Houlsby, Prof. Martin Oldfield and Dr. Malcolm McCulloch in the Department of Engineering Science at Oxford.

It improves on older water turbine devices in a number of ways, utilizing blockage ratio and a strong, scalable design to enhance energy output at an economic cost. The design has also been praised for its ability to operate in shallow seas or rivers where others cannot.

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RMIT’s New Master of Disaster

100rmitNo it isn’t a Super Villain or cult Jackie Chan movie!

 The Master of Disaster, Design and Development has just been announced as a post graduate offering by The Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology – and we couldn’t be more impressed.

Intended to improve the capacity of design professionals to respond and manage current and future disaster situations through an enhanced understanding and application of principles, the Master of Disaster offers an exciting angle on a growing issue – and an incredible post-nominal for your business card!

BE Collective is well aware of the need for reactive, flexible and sustainable accommodation solutions in response to natural disasters, and have showcased our design for an Emergency Shelter in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane as part of the Emergency Shelter Exhibition, raising tens of thousands of dollars for peoples displaced by natural disasters. More information on our contribution here.

Our Managing Director John Tuxworth featured a documentary produced by the Queensland University of Technology entitled Bouncing Back. He was also recently recognised in theQueensland State Parliament for BE Collective’s contribution during and post the Cyclone Marcia event in 2015.

A big Congratulations RMIT on a great initiative! (more…)

2015 National Architecture Awards

200JesseThis year’s National Architecture Awards have just wrapped up and BE Collective is glad to congratulate all entrants and recipients on their outstanding performances.

Over 46 honours were offered by the Australian Institute of Architects as part of their annual national awards program. The scope of the awards was huge, ranging from equestrian centres to tiny barn-studios to the impressive Irving Street Brewery and monumental Shrine of Remembrance.

BE Collective loves to see QLD based firms achieving acclaim at a national and international level, so we are particularly proud of Jesse Bennet Architect for their work onPlanchonella House.

For the full list of award recipients click here and don’t forget to check out Jesse Bennet’s website! (more…)

Green is the New Black

Green2Sustainability is here in a big way and this Mitsubishi Colt has recently gone under the knife to spread the good news.

Spotted not too far from the Brisbane BE Collective office, the Colt was parked unassumingly minding his own business and declined to comment when asked if he was making a political statement.

‘Grats to Café 63 for a groovy idea, our group are green with envy. (more…)

Solar Sahara

SolarSaharaMorocco has recently switched on the largest concentrated solar plant in the world, and called it Noor.

In February of 2016 the new site, located just outside the city of Ouarzazate in the Sahara Desert, began harvesting energy via concentrating solar power (CSP.)

CSP costs a little more than the traditional photovoltaic solar panels but allows power to be stored during night-time or cloudy days, offering a more reliable power supply. 
The power is stored inside a giant cylinder of salt in the form of heat.

The project received financial backing from the World Bank Clean Technology Fund, and aims to reduce carbon emissions by an estimated 760,000 tons per year by 2018.

Congratulations to Morocco and to the team behind this awesome initiative, we hope this really kick-starts the solar race. (more…)