EU Parliament leads the way in plastics ban

In a landslide majority this October, the European parliament has voted to ban all single use plastics starting in 2021.

This ban would affect single use plastic items that have a valid alternative, which will include things from plastic straws to fishing nets. The staggering 571-53 majority vote shows how seriously this issue is being taken internationally, an attitude that the BEC team seeks to reflect in our own efforts both in and out of the office.

Plastic straws are among the worst of plastic pollutants, and the BEC team are stepping up to make a difference in our neighbourhood.  After making our own pledge to make our office plastic-straw free, we are encouraging our local restaurants and shops to make the pledge too, gifting them starter bundles of recyclable (and trendy) paper straws and pledge posters so they can advertise their change.

BEC’s Electronic Waste Recycling

BE Collective is constantly driven by our desire to use our business to make a positive change and lead other business toward the same goal. We have been inspired by what Substation 33 is achieving, and as part of our continued efforts to support them however we can, and help the planet while we are at it, BEC receives (and even collects) e-waste to be reused or recycled with SS33.

Substation 33, is an electronic waste recycling business we did some probono work for. They are still making waves recycling and re-purposing electronic waste, keeping it from going to landfill, and investing it in projects that give back to the community (check out some of their exciting projects here). They are also doing some amazing work in providing jobs and training for the long-term unemployed of Brisbane. 

If you are wondering what kind of waste they accept, the Substation 33 rule of thumb is ‘if it had a plug or a battery, we can recycle it!’

Forest Lake Men’s Shed

Project 6998

The BEC team have recently completed some design & documentation pro-bono, for the Australian Men’s Shed Association.

The Men’s Shed movement aims to provide a space for men of all ages to work together using practical skills, and to invest in their community while building relationships at the same time. Men’s Sheds promote and encourage awareness of men’s health and the building of relationships, which are areas that our culture has a tendency to overlook.

The Forest Lake Men’s Shed primarily does wood working, which they use to raise funds for local school, hospitals and day care centres. Because we believe in what the Men’s Sheds are achieving and see the need that they address, BE Collective have helped out by providing structural design & certification services in support of a new shed. 

John Tuxworth – President of the AGDF

BE Collective’s Managing Director John Tuxworth has accepted the role of President at the Australian Green Development Forum (AGDF). 

The AGDF seeks to accelerate the adoption of sustainable practices in the Australian building and development industries, through facilitating education and conversation among industry professionals.  As a long-time supporter and board member to the AGDF, John looks forward to leading the organisation push for a greener Australia.

The appointment is the culmination of decades of work on Johns part – who has been pushing for sustainable initiatives within the Australian development industry before and during his time with BE Collective. 

John’s focus on sustainable initiatives led him to become one of the few structural/civil specialists to be accredited as a Green Star Professional, and his work in ESD related projects include Modulo, his flatpack emergency shelter design; the Suan Lum Sustainable Masterplan in Bangkok; and River Community Centre sustainability concepts to name a few. 

To learn more about how BE Collective can drive your sustainable project home (pun intended) get in touch with us here. 

BEC Supporting the Rosie May Foundation

As part of our corporate citizenship, we recently donated to the Rosie May Foundation who work with Children in Sri Lanka and Nepal. The Rosie May Foundation is working toward a world in which every child lives in a safe and nurturing home, with a family and a future.  For more info check out their website and their newsletter.  To make your own donation visit the Rosie May Foundation’s page on Just Giving.