The Underwater Forest, Great Barrier Reef


Project No.: 7490

Built Environment Collective is excited to support British artist Jason deCaires Taylor with some compelling new installations within the Great Barrier Reef. BEC is proud to be responsible for specialty engineering consultancy services including the design & certification of the sculptures.

This exhibit is in collaboration with the Museum of Underwater Art (MOUA). Jason has already completed installations for MOUA in Cyprus, France, Spain, & the Maldives.

Our team at BEC are especially enamoured with the Cyprus installation. Located on the southeast coast in an area called Ayia Napa, the installation’s tactic connection with, and its ability to contribute to, the natural environment inspires us.

Our team is lining up for the required structural inspections at the Great Barrier Reef installation. In addition to bringing awareness to the depletion of our Great Barrier Reef, the sculptures are made using non-toxic, pH neutral marine-grade geopolymer concrete. Therefore, they are not harmful to their surrounding environment and are able to act as homes for fish and crustaceans. Once the installation is complete, they would ideally bring a new stream of tourism and awareness, bringing a change to the world’s largest coral reef system.