The Underwater Forest, Great Barrier Reef


Project No.: 7490

Built Environment Collective is excited to support British artist Jason deCaires Taylor with some compelling new installations within the Great Barrier Reef. BEC is proud to be responsible for specialty engineering consultancy services including the design & certification of the sculptures.

This exhibit is in collaboration with the Museum of Underwater Art (MOUA). Jason has already completed installations for MOUA in Cyprus, France, Spain, & the Maldives.

Our team at BEC are especially enamoured with the Cyprus installation. Located on the southeast coast in an area called Ayia Napa, the installation’s tactic connection with, and its ability to contribute to, the natural environment inspires us.

Our team is lining up for the required structural inspections at the Great Barrier Reef installation. In addition to bringing awareness to the depletion of our Great Barrier Reef, the sculptures are made using non-toxic, pH neutral marine-grade geopolymer concrete. Therefore, they are not harmful to their surrounding environment and are able to act as homes for fish and crustaceans. Once the installation is complete, they would ideally bring a new stream of tourism and awareness, bringing a change to the world’s largest coral reef system.

South Swivel Bar Stool – LuxxBox

Project No. 6673

The BE Collective team have been biting at the bit to work with Brisbane design legends Luxxbox on one of their phenomenal furniture designs, and were recently given the opportunity.

Our commission was to ensure stability and structural integrity on a variant of their South SL stools destined for the Brisbane Airport as a part of 2015’s $45m redevelopment. In order to fit with the airports strict aesthetic requirements, spotted gum and stainless steel replaced the traditional powder coated aluminium.

The result was a sturdy, highly durable and very attractive stool. Check them out next time you’re at the Brisbane International Airport.    (more…)

Melbourne St Lighting

2Project No. 6671

BE Collective were proud to provide structural consultancy services to the Luxxbox team on a permanent decorative street lighting installation on Melbourne St in South Brisbane.

A range of interactive lighting and illumination display concepts were put forward, drawing inspiration from similar installations all over the world. The final product will interact with conditions along the street, changing brightness and colour to reflect changes in temperature or wind speed or direction.

Our commission included the specification of structural lighting bars and approval of intended structural modifications. (more…)

Edward Street Vitrines

Project No. 6669

BE Collective were excited to be a part of the designing and specification of some beautiful new glass display vitrines located on  Edward St in the heart of Brisbane CBD’s high end commercial space.

The brief described an upright triangular prism with a bronze frame placed on top of a concrete plinth. The frame has to be strong enough to hold large safety glass panes and withstand moderate levels of pedestrian loads or force (from people clamouring to purchase the products within we assume).

Our completed documentation ensured compliance with strict architectural detail, provided an excellent level of durability and ensured a long life span.


Bamboo Structures

10010655_10153489485302328_4951293638511015058_o (1)Project No. 6482

Design students from the Queensland University of Technology were recently given the opportunity to work with Sydney based grass-roots design collaborative Cave Urban on the design and build of some unique bamboo art forms for the 2015 Brisbane Festival.

BE Collective has undertaken structural design and certification for a multitude of artistic and sculptural installations including:

– The Hybrid by Cezary Stulgis,

Digital Origami by the Laboratory for Visionary Architecture (LAVA),

Everyone, Every Day at the Vivid Festival by Kuuki,

Circle Garden Shelter Installation by Sou Fujimoto Architects, and,

– Emergency shelter installations by Donovan Hill and Conrad Gargett architects

The bamboo structures called “Gardens Install” and “Sunder the Sun” were exhibited at the 2014 and 2015 Brisbane Festivals.

The Brisbane Festival exhibition aims to explore and improve the use of locally sourced bamboo as a fully renewable and extremely reusable construction material. The resulting works have been featured at the Woodford Folk Festival as well as installed and displayed around the QUT campus and the Brisbane Botanic Gardens.

BE Collective is proud to have contributed to such an interesting and educational initiative, especially one with a focus on environmental sustainability. (more…)