2022 Local Government Newsletter

At BEC we appreciate you’re extremely busy providing services to your community, especially with the current declared events. Our purpose at BEC is to help you with services that range from seeking federal disaster recovery funding, provision of site supervisory expertise, professional project management, through to design and engineering services. Please reach out if we can assist you with:

  • Flood Damage Assessment
  • Funding Application
  • Project Management
  • Road Condition Report
  • Project Superintendency
  • Design & Compliance
  • Data pickup & onsite coordination of Council resources
  • Council Representation
  • Financial Management

 To date we have administered in the order of $400 million of restoration works across the east coast. Hoping that our 2022 Local Government Newsletter provides some ‘good news’ during another challenging year. Click Here to read now!

Bank St – West End

Arch Bank StProject No. 6624

The Bank St development is located in the heart of West End, Brisbane. Comprised of 23 apartments over 6-storeys – including a rooftop pool and deck, the project is designed to offer comfort, luxury and convenience. The development includes a two-level basement with carefully planned entrance to achieve circulation requirements and minimise the likelihood of flooding.

BE Collective’s commissioned scope includes the structural and civil hydraulic aspects of the development, including sewer upgrade, all the way through the design & documentation and construction phases.

Site constraints, maximisation of GFA, and achieving required circulation necessitated quite complicated cantilevered transfer slabs on the ground and first floors. The suspended basement slabs and substructure were also an area of significant challenge and success, with plain reinforced concrete slabs spanning over 8 metres to achieve isle width and ease of traffic movement.

Following on a successful design & documentation stage and development and DA approval, the project programme sees construction starting in early 2017. (more…)

Green Road Subdivision

Project No. 6542Capture2

BE Collective undertook civil design for this new 112 residential subdivision development at Park Ridge in Queensland.

Development of the site was faced with a multitude of complexities and State/Federal Government Overlays restricting developed area, including:
> Flood Hazard Overlay
> Waterway Corridor Overlay
> Odour impact from pre-existing neighbouring uses including poultry and flower farming
> The requirement for temporary access/egress subject to neighbouring structure planning
> Programme & Disaster Management
> Flood Modelling
> Traffic Impact Assessment Reporting

In addition to civil storm water, earthworks, erosion and sediment control, and road design BE Collective provided Traffic Engineering to meet the requirements of Logan City Council with respect to Development Approval. (more…)

Sandgate Rd Flood Hazard Risk Review

Risk2Project No. 6524

The BE Collective team was recently commissioned to provide consultancy services regarding the identification and analysis of potential chemical related flood risks for a service station on Sandgate Road.

Through the use of a risk analysis chart we identified the key potential risk was the buoyancy of the underground fuel tanks. Considering the site was placed in a relatively flood prone area, the buoyant tanks presented a serious danger if water levels suddenly rose.

With this in mind we designed concrete sleepers which would counter the buoyancy of the tanks in the case of a flooding event, as well as providing solutions to the other problems identified. (more…)

Kanumbra St – Overland Flow & Flood Study


Project no. 6387

Alterations and additions were proposed to an existing residence in Kanumbra St, Coorparoo.

The site however is located within a Brisbane City Council (BCC) nominated overland flow path. BCC’s Subdivision & Development Guidelines (now superseded by the Brisbane City Plan 2014) required an overland flow and flood study in order to satisfy nominated flood immunity requirements.

BE Collective’s Civil Team were commissioned to:

  • report on the overland flow and flooding
  • confirm minimum habitable floor level with reference to the Guidelines.

Flood Modelling was required to demonstrate flood immunity of the site. BE Collective undertook 3-dimensional modelling of the overland flow path upstream and downstream of the site to obtain the flow characteristics. BCC contour maps where referenced to assist in modelling the upstream and downstream catchments, as a full catchment survey was not feasible. The length of the upstream catchment was approximately 600m with a total area around 15-hectares. The 3-D modelling and analysis allowed us to obtain accurate site-relevant values. Results were also validated utilising first principles. Our detailed calculations and reporting supported Development Approval. (more…)