20 Benelong Crescent, Bellevue Hill

#A luxury residential unit development featuring large cantilever floors & minimal columns. Complex shoring in the sand over rock with anchored piers is required for basement construction.

Gold Coast Aquatic Centre

#An extensive upgrade of the existing Southport Aquatic Centre for the 2016 Commonwealth Games. Large podium post-tensioned slabs up to 110m long supporting extensive temporary seating for games events, gymnasium & conference rooms. Learn to swim building & dive training building. Extensive use of precast concrete walls & large timber facade blade louvres. Design of concrete & steel structures for exposure to salt air & pool hall corrosive environment. Pad foundations in sand provided an economical footing system.

Northam Recreation Centre

#GNFP (BEC) Designed & constructed with Cooper Oxley. Extensive use of tilt-up panels. Integration of large cantilever timber trusses & steelwork for economic design to fit Northam Council’s budget requirements.

Barker Street Carpark

#University of NSW Campus design & construct tender for A.W. Edwards are large 3 level post-tensioned car park decks supported on grout piles to rock. GNFP (BEC) also designed a single-level extension utilising carbon fibre reinforcement for strengthening existing post-tensioned beams.

Danebank Anglican School

Indoor Aquatic Centre with 25m water polo & learn to swim pool featuring hipped roofs, Sciences & Arts building, library & multipurpose hall, all incorporating a car park underneath. Each of these were major projects in themselves & were undertaken by GNFP (BEC) over a span of 8 years.