2022 Local Government Newsletter

At BEC we appreciate you’re extremely busy providing services to your community, especially with the current declared events. Our purpose at BEC is to help you with services that range from seeking federal disaster recovery funding, provision of site supervisory expertise, professional project management, through to design and engineering services. Please reach out if we can assist you with:

  • Flood Damage Assessment
  • Funding Application
  • Project Management
  • Road Condition Report
  • Project Superintendency
  • Design & Compliance
  • Data pickup & onsite coordination of Council resources
  • Council Representation
  • Financial Management

 To date we have administered in the order of $400 million of restoration works across the east coast. Hoping that our 2022 Local Government Newsletter provides some ‘good news’ during another challenging year. Click Here to read now!

Green House Forensic

Project No. 6594

BE Collective was commissioned to investigate and report on the structural integrity of a suspended, cantilevered concrete pool, constructed as part of a beautiful architecturally designed home in Bardon.

Our investigations revealed significant defects in the application of the shot-crete used to create the reinforced concrete pool structure. Our reporting identified the type and magnitude of defects, addressed impact on serviceability and included rectification options. We found that unfortunately the structure was damaged beyond repair.  Our report was referenced and informed QCAT mediations.


Warrumbungle – Sir Ivan Fire Restoration

Project No. 6801

Built Environment Collective was recently engaged by the Warrumbungle Council to provide rapid assistance in response to the devastating Sir Ivan bushfire which raged across 55,000 hectares. The incident destroyed homes, fences and sheds and killed a huge portion of livestock in the region.

The fire was declared a natural disaster by NSW Government on the 14th of February 2017 and in response, the BE Collective team were asked to provide a wide range of services in order to prepare a submission for the restoration of fire affected areas of the Golden Highway. Our submission covered the clearing of “Hazard Trees” from the road reserve and making an assessment for reconstruction on any road furniture (signs, guard rails, etc.). Our services included specialist civil engineering consultancy; project and grants management; works supervision and coordination; and submission preparation.  BE Collective appreciated the opportunity to provide support and assistance to a community in need. (more…)