BEC’s Electronic Waste Recycling

BE Collective is constantly driven by our desire to use our business to make a positive change and lead other business toward the same goal. We have been inspired by what Substation 33 is achieving, and as part of our continued efforts to support them however we can, and help the planet while we are at it, BEC receives (and even collects) e-waste to be reused or recycled with SS33.

Substation 33, is an electronic waste recycling business we did some probono work for. They are still making waves recycling and re-purposing electronic waste, keeping it from going to landfill, and investing it in projects that give back to the community (check out some of their exciting projects here). They are also doing some amazing work in providing jobs and training for the long-term unemployed of Brisbane. 

If you are wondering what kind of waste they accept, the Substation 33 rule of thumb is ‘if it had a plug or a battery, we can recycle it!’

Forest Lake Men’s Shed

Project 6998

The BEC team have recently completed some design & documentation pro-bono, for the Australian Men’s Shed Association.

The Men’s Shed movement aims to provide a space for men of all ages to work together using practical skills, and to invest in their community while building relationships at the same time. Men’s Sheds promote and encourage awareness of men’s health and the building of relationships, which are areas that our culture has a tendency to overlook.

The Forest Lake Men’s Shed primarily does wood working, which they use to raise funds for local school, hospitals and day care centres. Because we believe in what the Men’s Sheds are achieving and see the need that they address, BE Collective have helped out by providing structural design & certification services in support of a new shed. 

Providing shoes for children in need

The Philippine shoes project started as a conversation between Caribou’s Craig Thomas and the Principal of a school in Bulacan, Philippines. Sponsorship programs in Principal Bautista’s school cover the cost of school resources, uniforms, meals and health cover for the students… but they don’t pay for shoes. Many families in the area can’t afford to buy shoes for their children; they have no choice but to let their kids go barefoot, often resulting in hookworm or other parasitic diseases.

Craig and his team took the initiative to start a project raising support and putting shoes on the feet of these children in need.  The project is at work in two schools in Bulacan, roughly four hours’ drive north of Manila city, with 350 students between them. It aims to provide shoes for every primary school aged child in attendance.

When BEC heard about the project, we immediately jumped on board, and you can too. Every $10 provides a pair of shoes for a pair of feet at risk, giving invaluable protection from parasites.

 To help put shoes on the feet of children in the Philippines, please contact Craig Thomas at Caribou Lighting (craig@caribou.com.au). Your support will help make a difference to these children in need.

You Can Design Australia

corp1‘You Can Design Australia’ is a community project focused on a day long design ‘charrette’ (an intense design process), to create construction scheme designs to key issues facing Australia by combining inexperienced architect / engineering undergraduates with unemployed design professionals. Viable design solutions resulting from the end of the process will be presented online in the public domain for the wider community to use.

The Construction / Building / Mining economy of Australia is undergoing a very challenging period with many construction / architectural / engineering professionals out of work for extended periods and the majority of undergraduates unable to secure work experience. The last time this happened, it created a generation skills gap; few new people came into the industry and many experienced people permanently left. Bringing these groups together in an exciting format to create solutions to a common goal and learn from others’ experience will enable connections, new ideas and hopefully new work.

BE Collective is proud to be formally supporting this event. Check out the ‘You Can Design Australia’ website for further info…


Who gives a crap? We do!

corp2BE Collective sources one of our very essential office supplies form a company called WhoGivesACrap.org!

Who Gives a Crap is an online recycled toilet paper company. The business donates 50% of its profits to WaterAid in a bid to provide people in developing countries with access to a toilet, helping prevent diarrhoea-related illnesses. Check out the business, the product, and more about entrepreneurial co-founder Simon Griffiths in Brisbane’s Weekend Edition.