East St, Toowoomba

Project No: 6880

BEC was commissioned to provide multi-discipline engineering consultancy services in support of renovations and an extension to a gorgeous 3-storey pre-war heritage listed dwelling in Toowoomba. The works included internal alterations, addition of Northern and southern veranda roof, reoccupation of veranda as bathrooms, and further external works.

We provided a dilapidation audit of the existing structure and prepared a structural condition report outlining key recommendations with respect to H&S and budget allowances. We prepared structural design of new works including footings, floor, wall and roof framing, bracing, tiedown and retaining walls. The BEC team also handled inspections and documentation for design and construction, coordination of energy efficiency report, and a soil testing report.

We provided extensive ESD services for the project too, which covered model creation and initial simulation; consultation with client, model glazing and insulation improvements, energy efficiency reporting, and glazing and insulation specifications. (more…)

Stannard Street Townhouses

Project No: 6633

The Stannard St project consisted of 18 townhouses built on a single suspended ‘floor’ over a floodplain. The suspended ground floor extends over most of the lot, forming a new ‘ground level’ upon which the townhouses are built.  A previous structural engineer had provided a design that was shown to be inadequate for the required loads, particularly in the driveway crossover which was only designed to carry light vehicles and would not allow commercial vehicles such as removalist trucks access.

A couple of the townhouses had been partly constructed, these had since showed water damage, and our investigation found that fire rating walls had been installed incorrectly. 

BE Collective was able to comprehensively identify these issues, and respond with cost and quality conscious solutions across the board, also managing to improve the constructability and estimated lifespan of the project.

Consequently BE Collective were commissioned to provide design and documentation services for the proposed changes and revisions.


Kedron Park Rd – Dental Clinic

Project No: 7026

For our Kedron Park Rd project we has the pleasure to again work alongside Fairweather Architecture as we assisted on the extension of the North Brisbane Dental Clinic.  In support of the extension we provided a range of multi-discipline services.  This included Structural Design & Documentation and design certification as necessary; Civil Design & Documentation and Civil Op Works in support of Brisbane City Council (BCC) application; and Hydraulic Plumbing & Drainage and support of BCC application. We also provided section J Energy Efficiency assessment, which included preliminary design assessment; detailed Deemed-to-Satisfy energy efficiency reporting with reference to NCC; and form 15 energy efficiency certification. 

A key challenge for the project was ensuring the the post development stormwater discharge did not exceed pre-development levels, for which we provided a preliminary feasibility study, recommendations, and full design & documentation. 

Mornington Shire Council Seniors Units

Project No: 6832

We were engaged by Mornington Shire Council to provide Design Management & full Multi-discipline engineering design (Structural, Civil, Plumbing & Drainage, Electrical, and Energy Efficiency Assessment) for five new town house residences – located on Mornington Island in the Gulf of Carpentaria! The Seniors Units project aims to ensure that community members can stay with family and community while maintaining access to care.

Throughout the project, we worked closely with Cairns-based Architects People Orientated Designs (POD), who specialize in indigenous communities and remote projects. Together, we ensured the units met standards for Design & Construction for remote housing, and for social housing dwellings. The project was delivered with great success and we look forward to working with POD, and with Mornington SC in the future.

Burwah Terrace, Caloundra

Project No: 6658 & 6515

The BEC Team contributed through a range of disciplines to this two-storey duplex project in Burwah. Our structural contribution covered foundation, framing, bracing, and roof structure right through to construction support and form 16 certification.  We also provided Hydraulic plumbing and drainage, reticulation and rainwater drainage for the project. Our civil contribution included water and sewer connections, bulk earthworks plan, erosion and sediment control plan, storm-water drainage, vehicle crossover and submission of applications and approval paperwork.  After our initial scope was completed, we were re-engaged by the client to provide design and certification for a relocated property sewer connection for inclusion in a build over asset application to Unity Water.

The storm-water for this project was particularly challenging. The site is sloped downward from the road, and current standards require that site runoff drains to the kerb; this issue was further complicated as the site captured upstream storm-water run-off from the neighbouring property in addition to its own. After building up what we could of the property, our storm-water team designed a charged system, utilizing a u-bend like system to deliver water from the lower ground back up to kerb level, with an additional infiltration type ‘cleaning eye’ pit and soaking bed, which would prevent stagnant water from sitting in the system. Additionally, our team designed a rock garden which doubled as a retention tank for slow release of storm-water flow.