River Community Centre

1Project No. 6289

BE Collective provided structural and ESD services pro-bono for a unique sustainability project in the form of a Community Centre.

With a focus on Triple Bottom Line objectives (economic, social and environmental) BE Collective proposed the re-use of used car components in support of a ‘many hands’ construction methodology.

Car tyres were nominated as sacrificial concrete formwork about slender steel columns, to provide lateral stability and fire protection. These columns were nested within rammed-earth external and party walls facilitating both acoustic and thermal insulation.

Axles, drive shafts and shock absorbers that would normally be wasted would be repurposed as structural space-frame roof elements.

BE Collective chose a space-frame style roof for its inherent strength and to take advantage of the access to a ‘many hands’ volunteer labour force, facilitating rapid construction by a relatively unskilled workforce (more…)

Unprotected Steel

1Looking to build on the beach front? Keen to capture that ocean view and breeze? Don’t forget to “shore” up your structural steel, or else you may have to “wave” goodbye to your building.

This startling image of a site recently discovered by the QBCC serves as a gritty reminder of how corrosive the air in ocean suburbs can be. Found not more than 500 metres from breaking surf this footing was installed without the proper corrosion protection, and is now compromised.

Take a peek at the image here, or learn more about the relevant Building Code of Australia here.