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Delivering integrated multi-discipline engineering solutions via a holistic approach to engineering, design, & project management.


“We challenge mediocrity & strive towards client relationships & project team associations where a collective approach is championed in recognition of enhanced outcomes.”

John Tuxworth
Managing Director

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Built Environment Collective (BEC) is an award-winning, Australian-based engineering, design, and project management consultancy offering enhanced Client outcomes via integrated multi-disciplined engineering solutions and a holistic approach to engineering, design, & project management.

Founded on the 22-year international experience of Managing Director, John Tuxworth, the company provides a unique multi-disciplined value-adding contribution across a range of market sectors and project types. Offices are located in Sydney, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Melbourne, Cairns, Perth, and Port Moresby to provide local representation Australia-wide. From the main operation in Brisbane, we have delivered projects as far as Angola on the west coast of Africa, Tonga in the Pacific, and New York in North America.