Civil Engineering Information Report #1: ADAC

civilADAC, or Asset Design and As Constructed, is quickly becoming a new standard for utility providers to utilise as constructed information.
ADAC combines as constructed drawings with a design file (.xml file), used to spatially map new assets. By providing information in the xml format, council, or your local utility is able to use that file to quickly include the asset addition to their spatial software system, saving both time and money.

Unitywater currently requires ADAC submissions in councils from Sunshine Coast to Moreton Bay.
Queensland Urban Utilities in Brisbane don’t yet require ADAC conformance, but we are estimating they will by the end of the year.

Our advice is; if you don’t know much about ADAC yet, get in early and learn before it’s too late.
Find out more about ADAC requirements from the SEQ Code or your local asset utility provider.

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