East St, Toowoomba

Project No: 6880

BEC was commissioned to provide multi-discipline engineering consultancy services in support of renovations and an extension to a gorgeous 3-storey pre-war heritage listed dwelling in Toowoomba. The works included internal alterations, addition of Northern and southern veranda roof, reoccupation of veranda as bathrooms, and further external works.

We provided a dilapidation audit of the existing structure and prepared a structural condition report outlining key recommendations with respect to H&S and budget allowances. We prepared structural design of new works including footings, floor, wall and roof framing, bracing, tiedown and retaining walls. The BEC team also handled inspections and documentation for design and construction, coordination of energy efficiency report, and a soil testing report.

We provided extensive ESD services for the project too, which covered model creation and initial simulation; consultation with client, model glazing and insulation improvements, energy efficiency reporting, and glazing and insulation specifications. (more…)

Maud St, Heritage Commercial Mixed-Use


Project no. 6739

The Maud St site contains a stunning two-level heritage-listed warehouse building of approximately 1400 m2 and two smaller attached warehouse buildings at the rear of the site.

Owen Architecture (who we’re honoured to be working with) has proposed a mixed-use re-development that includes a flower market, commercial kitchen, roasting and bakery operations on ground level and function / conference room plus commercial offices on Level 1. The development is sensitive to the heritage nature of the warehouse and it is assumed that the existing building fabric is to be preserved to the maximum extent possible, including interior exposed brickwork.

With consideration to our extensive experience in mixed-use and heritage refurbishments, (Newstead Brewery at Milton, Wickham Hotel Refurbishment, Gambaro’s Restaurant and Hotel, Africa Hall for the United Nations) the BE Collective team have been commissioned to provide structural, civil, ESD and hydraulic consultancy services covering the design and construction phases.

We’re excited to be intimately involved in a project that has such aesthetic and cultural appeal.
More pictures to come stay tuned. (more…)

Africa Hall

Project No. 6332

BE Collective has completed a developed design commission for the heritage preservation and additions to Africa Hall in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. The design recently went before the United Nations in New York and, after consideration, has been approved.

A landmark historic building, Africa Hall is the headquarters of the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA). It was designed by architect Arturo Mezzedimi and officially inaugurated by Emperor Haile Selassie in 1961.

Of key significance, Africa Hall was the setting for the adoption of the Organization of African Unity Charter, which laid the foundations for the present day African Union.

Now more than 50 years old, the building requires significant restoration and intervention.

BE Collective was approached to tender for the project following their delivery of the new Australian Embassy in Addis Ababa last year. The firm then assembled an international project team for Africa Hall, inviting renowned heritage architects Conrad Gargett to act as principal consultant.

Following a site visit to Africa Hall in March last year, BE Collective’s Managing Director John Tuxworth identified significant durability defects throughout the concrete structure. Based on this evidence, he compiled recommendations for a structural intervention that respects the building’s heritage and functionality, and also meets current international standards.

Having prior experience working in the region, as well as connections with local sub-consultants, BE Collective was able to deliver solutions based on its knowledge of local contractor experience and materials availability.

The heritage preservation and revitalisation of Africa Hall is one of those watershed moments, where you get to work on a building of significance, in an exotic location, with the best consultants and an inspirational client,” Mr Tuxworth explains.

BE Collective assembled the project team, won the project against the world’s best and now Brisbane consultants are on the United Nations panel of suppliers.

See Conrad Gargett’s news article here and wonderful animation of the preservation works here.

The Weekend Edition

See page 13 of the Village News, June 2015

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Carson Woolstore Penthouse


Project no. 6161

This project consisted of refurbishment to an existing penthouse apartment within the Carson Woolstore complex in Teneriffe. BE Collective were recommended by Tonic Architecture & Design and subsequently commissioned to provide structural design support for demolition work and renovation of this heritage project.

The strong character of the heritage building is enhanced through large exposed timber beams and columns, as well as voluminous space created by the saw-tooth ceiling line. The roof structure required strengthening to accommodate an impressive central chandelier. The chandelier weighs in excess of 1200kg (being the same as a small car), and our strengthening works are cleverly hidden and discrete within in the ceiling cavity.

Based on our experience with other heritage projects, BE Collective maintained a high site presence. We worked closely with the other consultants during all stages of the project and waited until we had a comprehensive understanding of the existing structural elements before finalising design documentation. The overall result is one of pure luxury and this warehouse apartment is sure to impress. Images courtesy Tonic Architecture & Design Well done Tonic! (more…)

Royal Queensland Yacht Squadron Clubhouse

royal1Project No. 6412

Project Finalist – Property Council of Australia Innovation and Excellence Awards: Best Sustainable Development and Award for Innovation categories.

We were privileged to work with Robin Spencer Architects on the Royal Queensland Yacht Squadron’s (RQYS) new clubhouse and functions centre.

The original structure was designed by ARUP to serve as a visitor’s centre for the Port of Brisbane – some 15kms away on Fisherman’s Island. The 1000m2 structure was divided into 5 sections to allow transport to Manly Bay via both barge and truck. Even in 5 pieces with only one prime-mover the country capable of the task, this was truly one of Australia’s Monster Moves.

The innovative re-lifing of the building was facilitated by BE Collective’s structural and civil commission. It’s new home is interestingly atop reclaimed land, filled using ash as a bi-product from the region’s power plant.

Resolved project complexities included:

  • Tailoring the new foundation system within a dense intricate jungle of existing in-ground services (the risk of damage to existing hydraulic, electrical and communications networks was also – avoided via use of an innovative vacuum excavation process.
  • Incorporation of a new obtuse-angled building floor plan to achieve sight-lines for the waterfront view.
  • Re-alignment of the main private road servicing the RQYS site at Manly.
  • The completed Clubhouse and Function Centre offers a 100 seat auditorium, a 250 seat function room, and a centralized kitchen.