Gambaros Restaurant & MG Hotel


Project No. 6182

BE Collective were commissioned to provide structural and civil design for this significant project in the heart of the Caxton St entertainment precinct.

The project comprised additions to the existing restaurant in Phase 1, with Phase 2 including a new 5-storey hotel with 2 new floors above the restaurant.
There were many complexities associated with the project, including:

  • The requirement for strengthening existing slabs, beams, columns, and foundations
  • Replacement of an existing combined sewer which served several adjacent heritage buildings
  • Detailed design and documentation to initially retain a ‘building or significance’ heritage façade and end walls
  • Significant demolition
  • Structural reporting to the Brisbane City Council Heritage department
  • Tight site constraints & neighbouring tenancy issues
  • Phased construction
  • Fire protection of strengthened elements whilst meeting budgetary expectations and ceiling height constraints
  • Degradation of the existing structure
  • Continued restaurant trading
  • Minimal contingency

Our innovative approach informed the base structure featured steel framing and precast ‘Hollowcore’ concrete floor planks to achieve the benefits associated with prefabrication and light-weight construction, whilst still providing a ‘dense’ floor system for the hotel suites.

The alterations and additions to building elements of several different vintages and varying construction quality necessitated multiple design and documentation iterations and a significant site presence throughout construction.

BE Collective was also commissioned separately to provide engineering support for contractor elements associated with temporary and construction works.

Footage of the hotel construction as featured on Nine News, January 30, 2014. (more…)

UQ Rural Clinical School, Bundaberg


Project no. 6269

BE Collective were commissioned to provide structural, civil & hydraulic consulting services for the new UQ Rural Clinical School in Bundaberg. The development is an extension of the existing hospital precinct, and is one of several buildings proposed to be constructed on the old Pony Club oval. The facility will house ward treatment rooms and will be used to train new health professionals by both the hospital and the University of Queensland.

Elevated above the modeled Q100 flood level, the new UQ Clinical School  will accommodate car parking and building services in a spacious under-croft. The structure is comprised of a suspended reinforced concrete floor and load-bearing tilt-up wall elements.

Following recommended best practice, the civil design incorporates an in-ground rainwater detention system in addition to the formal project requirement. The design also includes a solar thermal hot water system  supplemented by an instantaneous backup, and reclaimed water system for the toilets.

Architect: S3


WDEA Offices, Warrnambool


Project no. 6173

The new Western District Employment Agency (WDEA) offices in Warrnambool, Victoria, is a 2000m2 GFA 2-storey stand-alone commercial development. BE Collective provided structural, civil and sustainability support for the project. The principal consultant was extremely receptive to our sustainability initiatives, which lead design decisions across the other disciplines.  Precast hollow core planks were specified in support of dematerialisation and exposed thermal mass. Reverse veneer construction was achieved by adopting painted tilt-up concrete concrete walls in conjunction with insulation and light weight cladding.

The building is founded on shallow piers in weathered sandstone, and stormwater management was achieved via ground water recharge detention tanks. Construction completion is expected mid-2013.