Every One, Every Day


Project no. 6336

BE Collective were commissioned to provide design support & certification for an installation by Kuuki at Sydney’s Vivid Festival, 24 May – 10 June, 2013.

Kuuki is an art, design & media production collective directed by Gavin Sade & Priscilla Bracks. Based on the Japanese concept of Kuuki, which considers things we take for granted but cannot live without, Priscilla and Gavin seek to create things which enable people to experience, express & benefit from their creativity.

Kuuki were invited to contribute an installation for Vivid Sydney, and have referenced sustainability themes in deriving their concept. The installation is a beautifully clad 3m cube containing a sphere of light. The volume of the art piece represents the green house gases generated per capita daily, and the textured and diffusive cladding is created from recycled plastic bottles donated by Visy.

An innovative element of this structure is the use of perspex for wall mullions and roof purlins in order to create a clear, unobstructed translucent facade.

See IES Lighting Society interview here.

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