Cannon Hill Residence

Project No: 6924

The BEC Team worked alongside Owen Architecture on the design and development approval of a new two storey house and associated external works constructed in Cannon Hill, on Dorothea St.

We provided detailed structural design and documentation, and detailed Hydraulic design and documentation including water reticulation, sanitary drainage and site drainage.  We also provided extensive Energy Efficiency design and assessment elements for the Class 1 dwelling, including software modelling and simulation; iterative model glazing and insulation improvements in consultation with client; and preparation of energy efficiency report to meet Queensland Development Code.

Boree St, Burpengary

Project No. 6808

BEC’s Boree St project scope included Structural, Civil, Hydraulic and ESD engineering services as well as ESD modelling, compliance and recommendations on a new 3 storey residence in Burpengary.

Primarily a blockwork/concrete project, the design includes a lap pool wrapping around the north and west walls and originally incorporated a steel frame structure proposed to support north and south facing green roofs. As the project progressed, BEC was also asked to provide an erosion and sediment control plan. Our scope included structural design for the entire building, inclusive of coordination between dwelling and pool such that the dwelling/pool interface includes an underwater basement pool window.

Our ESD contribution covered NatHERS modelling for compliance, solar PV system consultancy, and electricity usage analysis among other recommendations.  The Solar PV system feeds into multiple Tesla Powerwall II systems to ensure the battery power storage is sufficient to continue to power the entire house during heavy storm conditions with no grid power.  (more…)

Mount Isa Skatepark

Project No 6861

Mount Isa City Council identified a need to refurbish the existing Isa Street skate park precinct in order to provide a unique, iconic, multi-purpose and multi-generational facility. The facility is intended to be a key recreational and social hub for the youth
and broader community of North West QLD.

The skate park renewal and upgrade project achieved funding through the 2016-17 Queensland Government’s Works for Queensland program, in which over $600,000 was allocated for the revitalisation. BEC was engaged to deliver the project as follows:

• Detailed Design – in accordance with nominated standards & codes of practice, providing design certification commensurate with required building approvals. Documentation was provided to Council for endorsement in alignment with a strict compressed programme.

• Construction – delivered to best practice, including for all elements as specified by Council, undertaking all testing to ensure that materials & equipment are of satisfactory standard and provision of certification by an RPEQ. Provision of adequate Project Management to achieve targets relative to programme and reporting requirements.

• Defects Liability Period – to extend to 12 months beyond Practical Completion


Barton Street

Project No. 6807

BE Collective was commissioned by Jason Bird (Founder, managing director, and designer at Luxxbox) to work on structural alterations and additions on ‘The Bird House’ as it has come to be known in the office.  The existing house is a two-storey construction with single-storey street frontage on stumps, and a lower storey which is part built in.

Our mission – as we chose to accept it – was to take the existing house and transform it into a modern dwelling that grows from and compliments the surrounding terrain. Our work included an extension, pool and carport to create a living space that a world class design professional would appreciate. 

The diverse professional skillset of our team allowed us control of the project across disciplines, meaning we could complete the revitalised building design; structural analysis and design; and energy efficiency design process comprehensively and internally. This enabled greater communication across disciplines and a unity of vision throughout every stage of the project. After taking over the design process, BEC was able to drastically reduce construction costs, while increasing thermal performance of the building and provide significant engineering solutions and comprehensive ESD for this structurally complex construction. (more…)

Griffith University Library

Project no. 6172

Griffith University’s new learning commons is designed to create a range of internal and external learning environments which promote student and staff interactions. The existing building is triangulated and transformed with a ‘permeable’ 160m long extension that creates a strong identity and hub presence within the heart of the campus, promoting a sense of ‘arrival’. The building form and simple yet striking facade is to encourage connectivity with University Drive.

The BE Collective team provided conceptual design services including structural advice and 3D Modelling. A key complexity of the design was the interaction between the new structure and the existing buildings that surround it. As opposed to demolition, where possible BE Collective    nominated structural solutions that incorporated existing elements into a new structural scheme. (more…)