Leslie St Subdivision

Project No: 7005

The BEC team were engaged by Urban Planners Queensland to assist in resolving a complication that had surfaced in a subdivision in Bardon. The 1 into 2 lot subdivision had a bus stop in the middle of its road frontage, and Brisbane City Council’s initial advice was that the subdivision was not possible as at least one of the driveway crossovers would be within 9m of the bus stop.

Following our investigation and review, BEC produced a letter of traffic compliance for Brisbane City Council which addressed each of the issues raised, proving that the proximity of the bus stop to the proposed crossovers would not be an issue, and was common practice within BCC jurisdiction.

Aldridge Street, Auchenflower

Project No. 6577

The Aldridge Street development was a 1 into 3 subdivision and multi-residential development in Auchenflower. This particular project enabled the BEC Team to make fantastic use of our multi-discipline skill set. Originally asked to provide storm-water concepts, our team was further engaged for the provision of site based storm-water management plans and a traffic impact assessment.

We provided storm-water drainage methodology, quantity management, quantity mitigation methods and quality assessment. Our Civil capabilities and status as qualified QUU endorsed consultants were key to designing non-standard property connections for water and waste water to support the property subdivision; as well as ensuring the design satisfied certification and approval criteria. 

Aldridge Street was a long-term project, and BEC’s diverse range of services meant we could continually offer support across multiple disciplines and project stages.   (more…)