QUT Kelvin Grove Library Additions

Project no. 6218

Our input on this project contributed to it being awarded a 2012 AIA Brisbane Regional Commendation!

The BE Collective Team supported changes to libraries at Gardens Point & Kelvin Grove campuses. There were various aspects to the engagement including a new multi-storey addition to the Kelvin Grove library, a new façade, and a relocation of some compactus.

Refurbishment of the Kelvin Grove library provided great opportunities for ESD initiatives & functionality.  A variety of facade treatments and ventilation strategies were modelled to minimise energy usage and carbon consumption. A 5-floor extension to the library is now a revised entry statement, and provision of a new grand stair has enabled complete reconfiguration of the internal spaces.  (more…)

University of East London, Residential Units

london1Local transport connections. Noise from London City Airport influenced the design of teaching and residential buildings.
We sought ways to achieve comfortable conditions behind potentially sealed façades without using cooling.
The solution, developed with the aid of our thermal model, combines solar control, mass, airtight construction and extensive use of an active fabric energy storage system. Our sustainable design strategy included the adoption of a non-ozone depleting policy, specification of renewable materials and water conservation measures.
We set ambitious energy consumptions and CO2 emissions targets.
Building performance is significantly better than current UK levels.