Permeable Concrete Pavements

education1 Permeable (or pervious) pavements employ concrete block pavers, open textured porous asphalt/concrete mixes, or grassed systems, that allow air and liquids to pass through the pavement surface. Permeable insitu-concrete pavements are also know as Percrete, Percolating Concrete, No-fines Concrete, and Portland Cement Porous Paving. These pavement types are typically adopted for their environmental, cost, and/or functional advantages in relation to stormwater management. Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD) has been adopted in several countries around the world in order to decrease stormwater flow rates and also the volume of catchment runoff. Permeable pavements are considered a ‘source control’ option in providing a means of collecting and treating stormwater, and thus minimising the extent and cost of traditional stormwater infrastructure.

The Related Download provides a technical paper authored by BE Collective’s Managing Director John Tuxworth.